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Why Choose GLBT?


First and foremost, GLBT members are among the most capable construction workers in our region. Thanks to a structured apprenticeship program that encompasses from 4,000 to 10,000 hours of on-the-job and classroom training, construction project managers are assured that the workers they hire are among the most experienced and productive available. In fact, unions such as GLBT are second only to the military as a source of job training and skill development. And GLBT workers are well versed in the most recent technologies, and have a solid knowledge of relevant building codes. These capabilities translate into greater productivity on the work site.

Work site productivity

A Project Labor Agreements (PLA) is a proven means of meeting speed-to-market demands, and preventing delays that can be caused by worker shortages. A PLA guarantees an adequate supply of skilled manpower, synchronizes working hours and holidays, and ensures no stoppages or

Great Lakes Building Trades

delays of work due to jurisdictional issues. And a PLA can be a significant factor contributing to lower project financing and insurance costs.

Job-site safety

Construction has the second highest industry injury among American industries. As a counter measure, GLBT members get more OSHA-approved safety training and are more likely to be using proper equipment than any others. In fact, GLBT union workers are half as likely to have life-threatening accidents during their work careers. Major construction projects in northwestern PA completed over the past five years reflect the inherent safety of union workers, who compiled a job-site safety record exceeding expectations. And complementing this benefit is the efficiency and economy of union construction, as manifested in lower call-back and long term maintenance rates, and fewer quality-related problems.